What Does Tog Mean in Crochet?

As you’re following crochet patterns it can start getting really confusing when you come across abbreviations and you don’t understand them. A common one you will come across is TOG. So what exactly does TOG mean?

What Does Tog Mean?

Tog is an abbreviation that just means “together”. Usually, you find tog at the end with the beginning telling you the type of stitch you need to use. For example sc2tog, sc3tog, sc4tog. sc2 tells you single crochet two. So sc2tog means single crochet 2 together.

Sc2tog – Single Crochet 2 Together

Single crochet 2 together is an important crochet stitch that you really take the time to learn. The ability to stitch two together creates a decrease that is important for adding shaping to your projects.

Sc3tog – Single Crochet 3 Together

Like the title implies, in this stitch, you are crocheting three stitches together using a single crochet stitch. This is great if you need to decrease on one side of your project.

Sc4tog – Single Crochet 4 Together

You also might come across times where you need to crochet 4 together. Follow the video below for a simple tutorial

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