How to Crochet Letters Into a Blanket

Personalizing your crochet blankets with a name or initials can take your project to the next level. Whether you’re doing a full name or monogram, there are a ton of ways to do it. Here we will take a look at 5 ways to add letters to your blankets so that you can make your piece extra special.

1. Applique Letters

One of the most common ways to put letters onto a blanket is just to applique letters.

The easiest way to attach them to your blanket is to sew it onto the front. You can use a crochet hook but a tapestry needle will be much easier.

How to Attach Them

  • Place your applique letters where you want them added to the blanket
  • Thread your needle with either yarn or thread
  • Pull the thread through the back into the front of the work through the letter
  • Work your way around the letter making sewing stitches


2. Chain or Slip Stitch Letters

If you want to stay using a crochet hook the easiest method would be to actually crochet a letter pattern into the work itself. A chain or slip stitch is perfect for this job.

Some crocheters like to make a graph of the words or letters they want on their piece so they can follow along on the blanket.

How to Attach Them

  • Map out the letters you want on your blanket with a small graph or diagram
  • Bring your yarn through the back of your work and bring it through the next stitch to slip or chain stitch it
  • Take your crochet hook over to the next stitch and go back through to grab more yarn
  • Repeat making these stitches until your design is complete

3. Bobbles

Bobble letters are perfect for adding a cute can’t miss texture to your projects. This one can be a little challenging for a beginners but it might just be worth it when you end up with a gorgeous project. Watch the video below to learn how to bobble stitch letters.


4. Filet Crochet

Filet crochet is another advanced method to add letters and designs to your projects. Essentially how it works is you create a mesh grid and fill spaces with stitches to create the letters you want.

Filet is great because you can create some really gorgeous designs, though because the technique usually results in a mesh design, it’s not the best for warm blankets.


5. Tapestry Crochet

Tapestry crochet involves using color changes to get the desired letters you want. Tapestry crochet may seem overwhelming at first, but it uses your standard single crochet stitches, but just uses multiple colors of yarn to get the desired letters.

Proper planning is the most important thing to get a good looking project with this technique.

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