What Does SP Mean in Crochet?

As your working your way through crochet patterns, you are bound to come across all sorts of different abbreviations. Some are more common than others, and you may already know these. Less common ones you may have trouble understanding right away.

SP is an abbreviation you may come across. Here we will cover everything you need to know about the crochet abbreviation SP and what it means.

Crochet Abbreviations SP

sp meaning chart

What Does SP Mean in Crochet?

The abbreviation SP means space in crochet. It is a pretty simple term to understand. You will find it written sp or sometimes sp(s), but it just means “space” or “spaces”.

This means you will crochet in the space between the stitches. It could be one space (sp) or multiple spaces (sps) depending on which abbreviation is used.

What Does CH SP Mean in Crochet?

In crocheting the abbreviation CH SP means chain space. When you see ch sp (chain space) this means that when you are crocheting a chain you skip a stitch and begin working into the next. Then on the following row, you will work into that space in the chain above.

You will commonly find this written as ch 1 sp, ch 2 sp, or other variations such as ch-1 space.

Ch-1 SP

Ch-1 sp means chain 1 space. This just means the pattern is referring to the chain space and giving a number for the chains. You could find it written as sc in next ch 1 sp which would mean single crochet in the next chain one space. It’s pretty easy to follow once you understand all the crochet abbreviations.

Ch-2 SP

Ch-2 sp means chain 2 space. To do a chain-2 space you need to insert your crochet hook into the hole and double crochet.

Closing Thoughts

Space is a simple term to understand once you know what it refers to in your patterns. It’s usually paired with other abbreviations that you need to know to follow instructions correctly.

The next time you’re confused about your crochet patterns, stay calm and look up whatever information you need to know. There are plenty of great resources that will help you begin an expert in no time at all.

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