How Many Yards is 50 Grams of Yarn?

Sometimes when you’re following a knitting or crochet pattern you may need to know how many yards of yarn that you have to get an idea of how much yarn you need to complete your project.

Most yarns will say on the label how many yards each skein is, but the information is not always easy to find. But if you can find out how many grams or ounces your yarn is, you can estimate depending on the yarn weight.

What Does 50g Mean in Yarn?

50g stands for “50 grams”. This refers to how heavy the yarn is. 50 grams of yarn is equivalent to approximately 1.76 ounces of yarn. So if you have 2 x 50 gram balls it is equivalent to a 100-gram ball of yarn.

How Many Yards is 50 Grams of Yarn?

There is no way to convert grams to yards that will be 100% accurate. Each weight of yarn will have different yardage for 50 grams. A fingering weight yarn would have a totally different yardage than a worsted weight yarn. We can give you an approximate estimate though. Check out our conversion chart below:

Yarn Weight
Yards in 50 grams
Super Fine185

Ultimately there is no way to truly estimate how many yards 50 grams of yarn is because it depends on how thick the yarn is. But you can expect on average, 50 grams of yarn will be about 80-200 yards depending on the thickness of the yarn.

Thicker yarn will have fewer yards per 50 grams, and thinner yarn will have more yards.

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