How to Fix an Uneven Crochet Blanket

Nothing is more frustrating than finally finishing your crochet blanket only to realize that it is uneven. A crooked blanket is a common problem that many crochet beginners will face as they complete their first few projects.

Here we will cover how crochet blankets become uneven, and how to fix the uneven edges.

Why is My Crochet Blanket Uneven?

Tight Tension

The most common problem that causes an uneven blanket is the tension is not consistent throughout the whole project. This is a problem beginner and experienced crocheters run into eventually.

When your tension gets tighter in certain areas the whole blanket will become uneven.

Not Starting or Ending in the Right Places

Another common reason that can cause these crooked edges is not starting or ending your rows in the right place. If you don’t count your stitches and start and stop exactly where you are supposed to, your blanket may start running bigger or smaller in certain areas which causes an uneven project.

How to Fix Uneven Edges in a Crochet Blanket


If your uneven edges aren’t too bad, you can try blocking to fix your curling crochet blanket. This would involve soaking and stretching the blanket and pinning to it’s desired shape. This method doesn’t really work if your edges are too uneven.

Adding a Border

You can also try adding a border to your blanket to hide the problem. Read our guide on fixing curling blankets for more info on adding a border to your project.

Count Your Stitches

You can frog back to a previous row and start over, but if you’re blanket is already complete, that may not be a feasible option. You may need to cut your losses and accept that you have uneven edges.

The best method is to prevent the uneven edges from occurring in the first place. If you’re not already counting your stitches, this is a must-do habit for your next project. It seems tedious, but counting stitches will save your next project.

Closing Thoughts

If your blanket is already finished there aren’t too many good solutions to fix the uneven edges outside of adding a border or blocking. Try to figure out why it happened in the first place, and try to address it in your next piece. If you’re getting stressed when you work, or you are trying to work too fast, you may be more likely to make mistakes. Stay calm and practice good habits!

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