How Long Does it Take to Crochet a Blanket?

If you’re a crochet beginner you are probably asking yourself how it will take to complete a blanket. This is a common question for those who are starting out a new project so they can get an idea of how long it takes. The truth is—there is no simple answer. It depends on a few different things.

How Long to Crochet a Blanket?

We would say your average blanket would take about 1-4 weeks to finish, but this depends on a few factors. It will depend on how fast you are crocheting, how many hours a day you’re crocheting, the weight of the yarn you are using, and how big of a blanket you are making.

Lighter yarn will take much longer to crochet than thick yarn. Bigger blankets also take much longer than small blankets.

Baby Blanket

A baby blanket should take 1-2 weeks to crochet if you’re going at a good pace. If you’re using super thick yarn it could be done in a matter of days.

This also depends on the baby blanket size. There are many different kinds and larger ones will take a little longer than smaller ones.

Small Blanket

Similar to baby blankets, you can get small blankets done in 1-2 weeks. If you’re using thin yarn it may take longer, but it should still be doable. With chunky yarn, you can finish a blanket in a matter of hours.

Queen Size Blanket

A bigger queen size blanket could take 2 weeks if you are a pretty fast crocheter. If you work at a slow to average speed it could take around a month. It will take even longer if you’re following an intricate pattern

Throw Blanket

A throw blanket should take you around 2 weeks to a month depending on how fast you are going, the thickness of the yarn  you are using, and the intricacy of the pattern.

Quickest Stitch for a Blanket

If you want to speed up the process of making a crochet blanket, use a faster stitch. The quickest stitch for a blanket is the double crochet stitch. You can really speed through a blanket with this stitch. Here’s a great pattern you can follow to make a quick blanket

Closing Thoughts

Crochet is definitely not a hobby for those who lack patience. Unless of course, you’re using chunky yarn! Then everything is fast! Whichever sized blanket you end up making, don’t be too discouraged if it takes longer than expected.

The timeframes we have outlined above are just general guidelines for how long it should take you on average. You can get things done much faster if you spend more time on it.

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