How Many Skeins of Yarn to Crochet a Blanket?

A blanket is a great project for crocheters of all skill levels. They are fun to make, and it’s a great feeling to wrap yourself in your very own handmade blanket. When starting a new piece, one of the first things you need to figure out is how many skeins of yarn you will need to complete it.

Here we will take a look at how much yarn you need for a crochet blanket depending on the blanket size.

How Many Skeins of Yarn for a Blanket?

You will need around 1 to 18 skeins of yarn for a crochet blanket. Or about 900-4000 yards of yarn. This will depend on the size of the blanket, the gauge of the yarn, and the colors of the blanket. A bigger blanket requires more balls, and so does adding more color. A very thin yarn will also require more yarn to complete than a thicker option.

Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are one of the smaller crochet blankets that you can make. There are a few different baby blanket sizes and some require more yarn than others. But generally, you will need about 1 to 5 skeins of yarn for a crochet baby blanket. Or about 900-1600 yards of yarn.

Check out our guide on choosing a baby blanket yarn. 

Twin Blanket

A crochet twin blanket usually takes about 10 to 15 skeins of yarn to make. Or about 1500-2500 yards of yarn.

Throw Blanket

Throw blankets can vary a bit in size but generally, about 10-15 skeins of yarn is needed for a crochet throw blanket. Similar to a twin blanket this can be right around 1500 to 2500 yards of yarn.

Queen Size Blanket (Afghan)

A crochet queen size blanket or afghan will take about 10 to 18 skeins of yarn. This means you will need about 2000 to 4000 yards of yarn. If the afghan is only one color, you will need less yarn, but usually, they are made of many colors.

Closing Thoughts

Blankets come in all shapes and sizes and the amount of yarn you need can vary from project to project. Each skein of yarn from brand to brand is also different in the yardage, so it can be confusing figuring out how much yarn you need.

If you are following a pattern, they typically will tell you how many skeins or yards you will need, so if you’re a beginner, we recommend you follow the instructions on the pattern to determine how many balls of yarn is required.

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