Moebius Knitting

In math, a Moebius strip (also called a Moebius loop) is a surface that has only one side and only one boundary curve.

It is basically an infinity loop with joined ends that has neither an inside nor an outside because it is twisted halfway through.

Moebius patterns are growing in popularity among knitters to make stylish infinity scarves and cowls.

The infinity design of Moebius knitting looks great for these clothing accessories. They can be knit with both straight and circular knitting needles, and you don’t need to be a math genius to do it.

Here we will cover what Moebius knitting is and cover two ways to knit a Moebius.

What is Moebius Knitting?

Moebius knitting is when you knit a Moebius strip which is a continuous loop joined together with no inside or outside. Moebius knitting is popular for making scarves and cowls. You can also crochet Moebius patterns if desired.

How Do You Knit a Moebius?

Straight Needles

The most basic way to knit a Moebius pattern is to knit a scarf with straight needles the same rectangular shape you would normally make it.

Then you would simply twist the scarf in the middle and sew the ends together. This would create the desired infinity look.

Circular Needles

If you want to use circular needles you would have to first cast on the stitches for the circumferences of your Moebius. You will have to twist before joining the round to get the desired continuous loop look.

Cat Bordhi Moebius Cast On

Knitting author Cat Bordhi has a popular Moebius cast-on technique that also works well for knitting Moebius patterns.

To use Cat Bordhi’s Moebius Cast-On Technique:

  1. Make a slipknot leaving about a 6-inch tail
  2. Place this knot onto your circular needle in the center of the cable
  3. Grab the knot and center of your cable, holding it between your thumb and first two fingers of your right hand
  4. With your left hand, grab your left needle tip
  5. Bring it counter-clockwise around to the slipknot so that it makes a circle
  6. Grab your left needle tip, slipknot, and cable, keep the needle tip in front
  7. Hold your cable a few inches left of your slipknot and left needle with your left hand
  8. Take your yarn in your palm and fingers and move it over your left index finger away from the cable
  9. Bring the left needle forward under your cable
  10. Move the needle over the ball strand so that it catches the yarn
  11. Move the needle back under the cable
  12. You should now have one stitch cast on
  13. Repeat steps 10 and 11 until all your stitches are cast on

This can be difficult at first so is probably best to watch the video below and follow along


Closing Thoughts

Infinity scarves and other Moebius patterns are becoming increasingly popular because of the unique look.

It seems challenging at first to begin knitting your own, but it really is not that difficult.

The easiest way is to use straight needles and just twist your piece and sew together your ends, but the Cat Bordhi method is definitely something you should try too if you’re fond of these designs.