How to Crochet Faster

Crocheting is not really a hobby for those that like instant gratification. Projects take time to complete. But everyone at one point or another begins to wonder what they can do to speed up their crocheting.

You might have a few reasons you want to crochet faster. Maybe you have an event coming up and you wanted to give a homemade blanket or sweater as a gift. Whatever your reasons are, if you really want to speed up your crochet, we will cover a few tips and tricks to help you do so.

9 Tips to Crochet Faster

1. Work with a Loose Tension

If you are crocheting too tight it can really slow you down. It can also cause discomfort for your hands as well. A loose tension allows you to work up your piece much faster. You might even want to specifically choose patterns that call for a loose tension if you really want to speed up your crochet!

2. Use a Bulky Yarn

Using bulky yarn is a guaranteed way to speed up your projects. If you’re constantly working with thinner yarns like lace weight, your projects will take forever. A bulky or super bulky yarn will have you finishing your pieces in no time at all.

3. Stay Distraction Free

Distraction is a great killer of productivity. If you’re constantly setting down your work to check your phone or getting distracted by other means, you’re not really getting much done. Try to crochet in a nice quiet environment where you can really make consistent progress on whatever you are working on.

4. Use the Right Hook

Sometimes experimenting with the right hook is necessary until you find out which kind you can work best with. Some people prefer plastic hooks, metal hooks, or wooden hooks. You may also prefer tapered or an inline hook. If you’re new you may need to experiment with which kind you can work the fastest with, but once you find your preference, it can really speed you up.

5. Watch your Hook Grip

Pay attention to how you grip your hook. Are you gripping extremely tightly? Is this slowing you down. Just like you need to experiment with your hook, you also should be experimenting with your hook grip. Try to figure out which way allows you to work the fastest without making mistakes.

6. Watch your Yarn Ball

Is your yarn ball rolling all over as you work? Is it unwinding and are you finding yourself constantly readjusting? Is it a center-pull yarn ball? Sometimes pesky yarn balls can really slow you down. One way to fix this is to use a yarn bowl. You can also make sure to buy a center-pull yarn ball which should work up faster if things are going smoothly as you crochet.

7. Use a Simple Stitch

If you’re in a hurry, a simple stitch is definitely the way to go. Anything too complex will end up taking a bunch of time. Sticking with your basic single or double crochet stitches is the best option if you are in a time crunch or just want to get things done faster.

8. Get Comfortable

Make sure to always work in a comfortable place. If you are sitting in an uncomfortable chair or position, you may not even realize that you are constantly readjusting. A good seat in a quiet room can really speed up your productivity.

9. Relax

Lastly, relaxing can really help you crochet faster. When you are relaxed you can really get into that flow state, and you are much less likely to make mistakes. If you can get into a comfortable rhythm you will find your crochet projects are completed in no time at all.

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