6 Wiccan Crochet Pattern Ideas

Looking for a fun wiccan pattern to follow for your next crochet project? Here we will take a look at some of the best wiccan patterns from around the web to give your ideas for your next craft piece.

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Wiccan Crochet Patterns

1. Crochet Goddess Pattern

Wiccan Goddess

This wiccan/pagan goddess doll pattern is perfect for ceremonies. It can be used on altars or tabletops or great for decorative use. Use multiple colors like the photo above to create a unique handmade doll.

2. Crochet Pentagram Pattern

Crochet Pentagram
This Crochet pentagram is pretty easy to make and great for beginners just getting started with crochet. You should have it done in no time at all!

3. Tarot Card Case Pattern

Crochet Tarot Card Case
Carry around your tarot cards in this handmade crochet case. You can use it for any cards really. The final dimensions measure about 4.75″ x 2.75″. Let’s be real, a handmade base is better than a store-bought any day! Try this for your next crochet project.

4. Wiccan Elements Blanket

Wiccan Elements Pattern
Try making this wiccan elements blanket. The final blanket will measure about 64″ x 64″ and contain a fire, water, earth, and air design.

Perfect for decorative use or to keep yourself warm on the couch. The pattern calls for DK Yarn.

5. Crochet Goddess and Consort Dolls

Crochet Goddess and Consort Dolls
If you’re looking for another doll pattern idea you can try out this option. You get a pattern for a goddess, consort, and horned god doll all in one download. Very easy to follow and fun to make!

6. Moon Goddess Shawl Pattern

Goddess Shawl Pattern
If you want to make a shawl, check out this moon goddess shawl pattern. The result is a large shawl, but you can make it smaller by adjusting and using a thinner yarn and hook.

That completes the list. There hopefully you found some inspiration here. Be sure to send us any patterns you think should be on the list!