Double Knit Yarn

When you’re new to crochet or knitting, learning all the different terms for yarn and what they mean is completely overwhelming. Yarn weights seem to be particularly confusing for beginners because there are so many different terms that are used to describe the same yarn weights.

In this post, we will explain DK yarn or double knitting yarn, so that you can finally understand what this yarn is all about.

What is Double Knit Yarn?

Double knit yarn, which is also known as DK yarn, is a weight of yarn that is in between sport and worsted weight yarn. The term just describes the weight of the yarn. You may hear the term “double knitting” to mean a knitting technique, but “double knit yarn” describes a weight category.

Double knit yarn can be made from wool, cotton, acrylic, polyester, or any other fiber. Double knitting yarn is good for a  wide variety of projects but it is favored for summer garments because it creates a thin piece of fabric. It is also good for baby items because a thin fabric is generally wanted for these pieces.

What Number is DK Weight Yarn?

DK weight yarn is a category 3 yarn. It is right between fine and medium weight yarn. You can review the yarn weight system by viewing the chart at the Craft Yarn Council. 

What Ply is DK Yarn?

DK yarn is generally a four-ply yarn, however, this is not always the case. The weight and ply of yarn are not always the same. You can have a 4 ply yarn that is lightweight or a bulky weight 4 ply. It depends on the individual thickness of each strand of the yarn.

DK vs. Worsted

DK yarn is lighter than worsted weight yarn. Worsted weight is a #4 yarn, while DK is a #3. You will also hear DK yarn referred to as “light worsted”.

If you’re creating a project and you are worried that DK might be too light for your project, try a worsted. Otherwise, if you are creating something and you want it to be a little thinner, DK is a good choice.

Closing Thoughts

Double knit or DK yarn is a favorite of many crocheters and knitters. It is perfect for a wide variety of projects and is one of the more versatile yarn weights you will find. It also tends to be very easy to work with, so if you’re a beginner, this might be a good choice for your first project.

We hope that this guide helped you understand what this yarn is all about. If you have any more questions be sure to reach out to us!